Monday, August 08, 2005

On Saturday Cathie and I went over to Brad's and spent the day with a bunch of friends hanging out on the lake with Brad/Joanne, Ted/Sherri, Dana/Eli and Will, . Brad's got a new wave runner that is ridiculously fast. It's got 230 HP and goes 70MPH in about 5 seconds. That's as powerful as Brad's previous ski boat. It's like riding a crotch-rocket - gets real scary, real quickly. We got both of these huge tubes going out simultaneously and were launching back and forth between the tubes. We found that when everyone gets to one tube, the second tube would go airborne and launch about 10 to 15 feet in the air overhead and then crash down on top of us. Dangerous but fun. You can watch the pictures here.

We spent some time discussing Brad's death, and Ted decided to re-enact Brad's funeral, including a Will Farrelesque singing of "Dust in the Wind", per Old School, which you can watch here.

From there, we went to Bob's house for another Bahama Bob's bash. Bob built a huge Tiki Hut in his back yard by his pool and puts on great parties. We hung out there until about 12:30 when we called it a night.

Sunday was all about rest. After church we took some naps and Emily and I hung out in her wading pool. The water was right out of the hose and freezing cold. Emily had me playing horsy, crawling around in the ice cold water as she sat on my back, equally cold. Mark and Diana came over for dinner last night with the kids and the girls put on a big dance extravaganza show for us. They rehersed a bunch of dance numbers, put on lots of make-up and we got to watch the big show. The boys wanted nothing to do with watching their sisters dance, but Emily dug it.

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