Friday, September 09, 2005

Cathie, Susan (my sister) and Kris (my sister-in-law) flew down last night to Memphis to see my brother Jon, my sister-in-law Beth and the new baby Libby (Lulu). Cathie's Mom came up last night to hang out with the kids until I got home from Kansas City this morning. I got up about 4something for the airport after waking up around 2 to a strange knocking noise. In a daze, I tried to figure out what the noise was until I figured out that it was coming from the room right next to mine, the bed knocking against the wall on the other side. It was followed up by some other noises which I tried to sleep through. Apparently the couple next door didn't have to get to catch an early flight. The kids, their friends, Will and I went to the park tonight with their friends and grabbed some ice cream afterwards. Will and I hung out, talked for a while and then watched our favorite Bruce Campbell movie, Army of Darkness. I'm going to the Lions game on Sunday with some friends, thanks to my friend Bob.

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