Friday, September 02, 2005

I was supposed to go parachuting today out at Tecumseh today with my friend Mark, but it ended up being too windy. I've jumped static line 7 or 8 times, but never tried a tandem freefall. They take up you up to 10,000 feet and you jump, freefall and land. We're going to try again tomorrow morning.

This evening, Nate and I went out and got some ice cream and took it over to the Park. We hung out on top of the bill hill at McAttie Park and talked about life, and after eating our ice cream tried out this new giant swing they've got there. This thing is very cool. It's a big plastic chair and you pull a harness over you. This thing lets you launch up about 20 feet in the air pretty securely. We came back and watched the Lions pre-season game. Nate starts flag football in a few weeks, so he wanted to see how it's done... And really... Who better to teach him than the Lions?

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Lori said...

Dave, I'm pretty sure that the swing is designed for handicapped kids in mind. You are a dork. I would have loved to see you swinging in it!