Thursday, September 08, 2005

This is an exerpt from an e-mail from a friend and co-worker down in New Orleans:
Bill (her husband) was able to get to our street, but had to park and wade in. Our house sustained minimal damage from the hurricane itself, however the flood that occurred when the levee broke is the biggest issue for us and most of the city. Our neighborhood is like a lake. The water is full of unspeakable things. The stench is overwhelming, and the moisture is causing mold and sister and I took my Mom down yesterday (9 hour trip - 18 inches of water in her house), and the mold and fungus is already 4 feet up the wall. Jefferson Parish (where we live) is closing today for 3 weeks- so we are unclear what will be salvageable after that time. Insurance typically does not cover mold, so we can't predict what the outcome will be. Bill was able to get into his building in downtown New Orleans because Entergy is his tenant. We still do not know if he has a job, so I better step up my game!! He said it is unbelievable to see areas that did not even get water, and others that have water to the roof. Still very confusing, but moving forward. Please pray about our housing situation- that is my most pressing challenge, and the one that is the most important for my girls to get back to normalcy.

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