Saturday, April 29, 2006

Saturday Morning

Nate and I had an early football game this morning at 9am. We lost, but we improved. Our team scored two touchdowns and had a couple of interceptions, but our defense (which I coached) kept letting big plays to the outside break away and score.

The kids and I went garage-sale-ing after football. We loaded up in the van and started in our neighborhood. Somehow along the way we picked up some neighborhood kids so we headed out to all of the other neighborhoods, descending onto garage sale after garage sale. We didn't buy much - a pogo stick and an old fashioned stick bowling game, but we had fun. I started cleaning out my garage for the poker game tonight and figured I'd stick some stuff in front of my house that had been cluttering my garage up, just to see if I could sell the stuff. People came by while we were outside, and it sold right away.

Tonight I've got a bunch of friends coming over to play poker. We've got bud on tap, cigars and cards. Who could ask for more?

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