Monday, May 01, 2006

The Church at it's best

I love stories like this, when the church works the way it's supposed to:
Recently, a teenage girl at our church got pregnant and just recently had the baby. Both the baby and her mom have been warmly welcomed and loved. To give her the chance to finish high-school school, a group of Mom's in the church are taking turns watching the baby during the day to help out.
I love it when we get it right! There are so many ways we could have screwed this up, but we loved someone who needed loving and served someone who needed serving, as they had need.

As a side note, Cathie signed up to help out, so we'll have a very new baby around the house, which will be both fun, and help remind us why we might not want a fourth kid.

Disclaimer: I am not saying that my church is perfect, nor do we always work in the way the church was designed to be. I am not saying that your church is bad, or that you are bad because you don't go to my church. I am simply sharing a story that touched my heart.

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