Monday, May 15, 2006

Flag Football

We won our first football game on Saturday. We've been progressively getting better, including the defense, which I coach. My guys (and 1 girl) held the other team to a shut out and only gave up one first-down. Nate had a big game with a big catch, a big run for 40 yards, a big catch (which in this league is pretty rare) and a tackle for a safety along with a few other tackles. Win or lose, the league is about teaching the kids how to play the different positions and having fun, which we do. (My friend Mike would be furious with me for taking that kind of attitude with the team. His kids get a beatin' when they lose or don't win by enough.)


momteacherfriend said...

In Mike's defense that last statement is absolutely not true. While he boasts endlessly about their sucess. Did I say endlessly, yes, that's right. Did you hear about the game that his boy scored 6 of the 6 points for soccer...yeah, me too.

Love ya Mike!

Dave said...

Ok... Maybe not a beatin.... But he doesn't talk to them for a week if they lose.