Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Guys with Guns

We broke out the airsoft guns the other day and we've been having battles around yard with them. If you've never used an airsoft gun, you're missing out. They fire small plastic bee-bee size pellets at a high-rate of speed - enough to hurt, not enough to break the skin. All you need for gear is the gun and eyewear. These guns fire about 10 shots per second, but they don't hurt unless you're within 20 feet. The green-gas guns fire a lot faster and harder.

In order for Nate to begin playing using the guns, he had to go through a rite of passage last year. He had to stand 5 feet from me and let me shoot him three times without crying. Obviously we didn't fill Mom in on this. She wouldn't of understood, not having a Y chromosone and all.

We're now looking for ways to upgrade our gear - faster, better, longer. Should be fun.

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Jason Raitz said...

Wow, that's hard core. The days I wish I was your son are many, actually they are many much more.