Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I have two Tivos: my Hi-def Tivo upstairs and a hacked Tivo downstairs. A couple years ago I added a 200GB hard drive into the downstairs tivo and installed some hacks on the tivo for additional functionality. Nate somehow managed to fill about 300+ hours of it up with shows, so instead of deleting each show individually, we thought we'd do a quick wipe of the Tivo. Apparently, that's a bad idea with a hacked tivo. Go figure.

I ended up pulling out the 200GB 7200RPM drive and threw it onto my desktop (giving me 1TB of storage now), for $25 ordered a 40GB drive off eBay already loaded with the hacked 6.2 DirecTivo environment and threw it back into my box. I'm working at setting a RAID 0 environment with my disk so I don't have to worry about losing my data. I've also taken 250GB of external disk and thrown it on my macMini for video processing. None of this makes the world a better place, but when others are talking about building decks and new bathrooms, I can talk about overhauling my in-house IT infrastructure.

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Monaca said...

Wow, I understood like 1/5 of that. You should just learn how to take away kids for your job, it's wayyy easier!