Friday, May 26, 2006

Morning Workout at the Triad

Over the last 3 years I've been working out with Kirk (pictured above, sleeping) at Triad I've almost thrown up three times. Throwing up at the morning workout is more common that you'd think, especially thre first few times people come to the workout, due to the intensity. Of the three times I've almost lost it, one of them was when I was trying to keep up with one of the Cleveland Browns Linemen, the other two were doing the exercise we were doing this morning. I hate this exercise. Today was my day off and if I'd known we were doing this particuilar exercise, I'd of slept in. The exercise goes like this: Two giant rubber-bands about an inch thick and ten feet around are tied together. People pair up and each person puts one around their waste, and we do fifty-yard dashes with the guy behind them acting as an anchor drag. You then turn around and do another fifty yard sprint back, switch and act as an anchor for the other guy. Each person does 5 sets of 2x50, rests and then we do it again, rest, and then do two sets backwards, which is 3 times harder. I went home and went back to bed.

Update: I talked to Brad later today and told him about the workout. After complaining about how I'd ended up paired up with Kirk, he told me that last time we'd done one of these workouts, I'd missed it. He told me the story of how he'd gotten paired up with Kevin (Cleveland Browns). Kevin could run the 50 with Brad as an anchor as if he wasn't even there, running them faster than Brad could keep up with, even trying to hold him back. Brad on the other hand couldn't budge Kevin and had to have a 300lb guy as his anchor.

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