Sunday, May 07, 2006

Multi-Purpose Function

We had a multi-purpose Kurt function over at Dan and Kris's today. We celebrated my birthday, Ben's birthday, Allie's birthday, Mother's day for my Mom and Andrew's first communion. The whole family was there, which is always fun.

Even though Jon and Beth are Andrew's God-parents, this is a picture of Andrew and I reading the Bible together. I try and compensate for Jon' s not being able to read.

My sister-in-law Kris tried to make it an Asian-dress theme. Jon kept trying to get her to say "Me love you long time", but she wouldn't.

I wasn't thrilled about sharing my special day, or even my special "blowing out the candles" moment with Ben and Allie, but I gave in.

A get together wouldn't be complete with-out a three-way light-saber fight.

No Kurt event would be complete without someone pooing themselves. This time though, it wasn't Susan or my Dad - it was Ben. (Okay, that's actually chocolate frosting).

My brother Jon was reunited with his favorite hat today. He's always loved the Cleveland Indians, and his expression shows his joy at having his hat back.

You can see more pictures from the big event here, in the family photo album.

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