Thursday, May 18, 2006

My friend and co-worker Bill and I went mountain biking today out in Holt. Some business men hold meetings while golfing, Bill and I do it while biking. We're able to solve most of the company's problems on the trail, which was wet and nasty.

(Bill did not wear his favorite tights this time, as shown above. Much to Bill's chagrin, this picture was somehow distributed around work. Darn camera phones. Bill is much taller than is shown in this picture.)

A smart person would think to themselves, "Boy, there's been a lot of rain lately. The trails might be muddy and submerged." Apparently, neither Bill or I are smart people. We hit a ton of mud and water on the trail, but dealt with it. We got to the point that normally runs a couple feet off the river to find that it no longer is next to the river. It was in the river. We were riding through 6 inches of water at a point that if we stopped and had to put our feet down, we'd be soaked.

We met up with our friend and self proclaimed seventh-son-of-the-Lama, Noel. He suggested the place and took us to a resturant that caters to the elderly. He showed up in a very fancy pair of shoes, shirt and necklace and looked like he was all set to bowl. He explained to us that bowling, shoes and necklaces are all very popular things in Europe, and in 2 years leather-velcro bowling shoes will become popular in the states. These shoes would normally have been $733 but Noel got them for $33. In the picture below, you can see Bill looking longingly at Noel's European fashion.

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