Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Soul Patrol Wins!

The whole family watched American Idol tonight. Everyone but Nate was rooting for Kat to win. We got to see new parts and angles of Kat tonight. Meatloaf looked like he was going to die and sounded pretty horrible. He seemed to spend a lot of time staring at parts of Kat. I thought it was sad that more people voted in last nights Idol than in any presidential election. If only we could vote for the president on the phone.

I started this year as a snob, thinking that I was too good for the show. I gotta say that im hooked. I found it funny to how many guys I talked to didnt want to admit they watch the show, but do.


Mon said...

The show is beneath Will. He is a snob. I think next season we need to tie him down and make him watch it. He'll get hooked, oh yes, he'll get hooked.

Dan Ohlerking said...

i got hooked but it was pushed on me really hard by my family - everyone but my twin two-year olds (three other kids plus my wife) had a routine of every wednesday night after church running the dvr playback of the show at about 90db.

anyway - i totally didn't get meatloaf last night. there's no way that's the same dude that sang two out of three ain't bad. i mean he was a little odd in his time, but this was just... well.... goofy. no other word for it. GOOFY.

anyway - i'll stand up and be counted as a man who actually enjoyed the season. and i'm looking forward to hearing a chris cd and an elliot cd.

Dave said...

I'd listen a Chris CD... Not sure about Elliott.