Sunday, May 28, 2006

Will loves his Opera

As I'd mentioned earlier, on Thursday, Will and I went on a man-date to see X-Men 3. I forgot to mention that on that man-date, Will made an "Actually..." statement, haughtily comparing X-Men 3 to an opera. He didn't explain why the comparison, he never mentioned which one, just compared to all of them apparently. (I've seen The Who's Tommy Rock Opera and the Phantom of the Opera, and neither was anything like X-Men 3.) Will goes through phases, and it looks like he's in a new opera phase. He'll be joining opera clubs, reading opera books and using the Opera web browser. Expect him to be comparing all sorts of thing to opera from now on: Potato Salad, Immigration Issues, Coffee Tables... You name it. Be patient with him. His next musical phase will involve show-tunes, if you know what I mean.

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