Saturday, June 03, 2006

End of the Season

Our team had our last game of the season today. The kids played fantastic today. The other coach was out of town so I coached the offense today and one of the other dads coached the defense for me. Cathie's parents and grandparents came to watch the game, which Nate was really excited about. The sky opened up halfway through the game, but everyone toughed it out and we kept playing.

At practice last night the kids wanted to work on the shotgun formation, and I told them that if we could execute it right enough times in practice, we'd try it during the game. We tried it as one of our opening plays, the kids connected half-way down the field for a huge play. They were estatic. We ended up tying the other team. I probably sound like I'm whining, but the other team took so long in the huddle offensively and defensively that we only played 2/3rds of the time that we normally would of. The ref ended up penalizing them after a while. I tried to get our kids to do a hurry up offense and catch the other team in their huddle, but I found out you can't do that in this league. Live and learn.

Being our last game, at the end we had an awards ceremony, with each kid on our team getting a medal. This was a fantastic team that really bonded together by the end. The boys accepted the lone girl on our team as an equal, and all of them really progressed individually in the game. I had a great time coaching, and I'll probably do it again in the fall.

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