Sunday, June 11, 2006

Monaca's Move

Today Will's girlfriend Monaca moved from her place in Lansing to her new place in Haslett. There's a Kurt family tradition that when someone in the family moves, everyone shows up and helps. Kevin, Gabe, Dan, Matthew, Nate, my Dad and myself all showed to help Monaca move (Will was there, but he really had no choice). It was a fairly painless move and we all assumed our roles. Dan was the packer. My brother Dan is the best packer you'll ever meet. He knows how to pack like you wouldn't believe, seeing how he worked for a moving company one year in college. He always wears this harness and doo-rag. It wouldn't be a Kurt family move without it.

One of the Kurt family rules for moving is that if you don't want people to see it, move it yourself. As Will exhibits in the picture above, we have free reign to mock any of your possessions, like this Tony Little Gazelle that Monaca loves (and has since grown her hair out to be like his). We had fun making fun of paintings, underwear and exercise gear without batting an eye. It's also a great time to get free stuff, like a couch that doesn't fit in the back room because the architect was drunk when he designed the hallways. The Crossroads Youth Room now has one more couch to add to it's collection thanks to Monaca's generosity and lack of ability to measure.

Dan and I brought Nate and Matthew down to stay the week with my sister and brother-in-law. Kevin coaches basketball for East Lansing and they're putting on a basketball camp this week that the boys are going to. We brought their bikes, and when I transferred the stuff to my Dad's car, he decided to ride the bike over instead, hence the picture.

Coincidentally, Monaca's old apartment overlooked Sharp park, which happened to be the park where I asked Cathie's Dad if I could marry her (his answer, seriously: "What in about 10 years?"). I shared this fact with Monaca and her Dad, but in no way was trying to allude to the fact that Will might ask the same question of her at some point (but it would have been a convenient time, with Monaca's dad in town from Florida and all). It's also worth noting the fact that the Kurt family almost never does a full family move like this for those outside the family, so this speaks volumes as the family's acceptance of Monaca and her acceptance into the family. We feel like Will should ask us for permission as well as Monaca's dad when the time comes. Coincidentally, I first got to know Will when he was dating/engaged to Cathie's cousin back 14 years ago. Wow, lots of coincidences. Just that kind of day, I guess.

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