Monday, June 26, 2006

Swingset Olympics

Nate wanted me to make a video of him doing a back-flip on the swing. Not to be outdone, Madeline wanted to do it bigger and better. Emily and Nate's friend Austin figured he would contribute his own talent:

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Joe Levi said...

That's great! I love the video!

Do you remember the old metal swingsets? They kind that when you'd swing really high the legs would lift off the ground then WHAM slam back into the ground sending shock waves through the chains. We'd try to jump as far as we could and usually end up scraping knees, elbows, or more... I'm surprised we didn't all die as children! LOL

When looking for a swingset for my kids I looked for wood, recycled platics, vinyl, and finally metal. Wow! Have they come a long way since we were kids! Just check out the kinds of cool stuff you can get in today's metal swingsets: They also have a good list of frequently asked questions and safety-related links to consider when shopping for a play set.

I wonder what our kids will remember when they're shopping for their own kids.