Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Emily and her friends

Em and Collen MismatchedEmily loves her friends as much as she loves animals. The only phrase she utters more than "Can I pet your dog?" is "Can I play with a friend?" From the moment Emily wakes up, she asks this question. One day after playing friends the entire day, we had this conversation:

Emily: "Dad, can I play with a friend?"
Me: "Em, you're going to bed in 15 minutes."
Emily: "Ok, I'll just play with a friend until bed time."

As part of our summer program, we have six weeks of family service, which is very interactive for the kids and entire family. They were telling the story of the ten lepers Jesus healed. Joe asked the kids, what would be the first thing you'd do after being healed of this horrible disease. Kids responded with, "Tell my family" and "Say thank you." Emily leaned over to Cathie and whispered:
"Go play with a friend."

I guess even leprosy can't keep Emily down.

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