Thursday, July 17, 2008

Nate's Football Workouts

Nate Football PanthersNate and I have started doing his pre-season training for Football which starts at the beginning of August. We did this same thing last year and his conditioning had a big impact going into practice. While other guys were throwing up on the sidelines or passing out form the heat and exertion, Nate kept going.

We're spending about 30 minutes per day doing the types of activities that I do with Kirk over at Triad. Lots of body weight training, things like bear crawls, crab walks, push-ups and other plyometrics with lots of jumping and running. Each day I try and push him just a little bit harder. Nate's the kind of guy who pushes himself hard with this. If I ask him to do 15 push-ups, he'll try for 20.

Football starts August 3rd and goes five days a week for two hours a day until the first game. Nate can't wait. He was a defensive back most of the year, playing offense occasionally. He's hoping to play more offense this year. My brother Jon is in town now and hoping he can maybe help coach, or at least call plays down from the stands.

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