Friday, August 29, 2008

Dead Frog

Emily and Leaper the Frog
We don't use the hot tub much during the summer, but Emily enjoys it the most all summer long. The hot tub seems to attract frogs, and Emily goes out there, finds them, and puts them in her aquarium and feeds them, playing with them for hours each day.

I went out to warm up the hot tub yesterday and noticed that the circuit breaker had tripped. I reset it and ran the jets only
to have it trip again. "Crap", I'm thinking, "These things are never cheap to fix." I checked some of the connections and found nothing wrong, so I pulled the panel off of the circuitry to see if there was anything obviously wrong. There was something obvious enough for even me to notice, and I'm disappointed at myself for not getting a picture of it.

Splayed across the circuits was a big 'ol frog that had crept in through a wiring hole and kamikaze'd himself across the wiring. I pulled the frog off the wiring and everything worked beautifully.

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