Monday, August 18, 2008

Guy's Weekend

Nate and IWhile Nate and I were at the NASCAR races, Cathie and the girls headed to Dewitt to hang out with her parents and grandparents for the day. The girls decided to stay over (in no way related to our suggestion that they would be much more comfortable NOT being around a bunch of smelly boys). After the news, Nate and I proceeded to lay out the perfect guy's weekend. We went from NASCAR to BW3's for wings and football and then headed home. We tried to rent Madden '09, but no luck, so we played a little guitar hero and then watched the U.S. team crush Spain in basketball. We watched a movie and then stayed up watching the olympics until very late. We slept in on Sunday morning, made a big breakfast, watched some more of the olympics, played some more guitar hero and then headed out to see the new Mummy movie (so-so).

I'm so proud of Nate and the person that Nate is becoming. We have fantastic conversations about everything from great "What if?" conversations (i.e. "What if you could be the best in the world at the sport of your choice, what sport and what position would you choose?"). I really dig these kind of weekends with him.

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