Saturday, August 02, 2008

Kasey and Michael Cuellar

Kasey and Michael Cuellar
Kasey and Michael got married tonight and my whole family was there to see it happen. Kasey is way more than just a friend of ours... She's like a little sister to me and a big sister to my girls. Kasey was in my youth group back in sixth grade when it was her Mom, Brad and I figuring out how to run a junior high youth group. To bring it full circle, she's marrying Michael, our church's semi-new youth pastor and taking on the equally involved role of youth pastor's wife.

On the ride home we were talking and I was telling the girls that I hope they marry a guy as great as Michael, at which point Maddie chimed in and said she hoped Nate married someone just like Kasey, so she'd have a cool sister-in-law. As her pseudo-big brother, she had to run all of her boyfriends by me to give her my blessing. I remember the guys that she dated, and some of them were real tools - only she didn't quite get that at the time. Kasey has babysat my kids since they were born and they really do see her as a big sister. She really gets my kids and loves them dearly. My girls idolize her and I'm always amazed at the patience she has for them.

Anyways, back to the wedding. The wedding was at this very cool lodge in Hartland and the ceremony was outdoors. It was a beautiful day, not too hot and the scenery was gorgeous. The ceremony had the special touches of Michael and Kasey, including a sand-pouring ceremony that represented their relationship as husband and wife intertwined with their relationship with Christ. At the end of the "sandy ceremony", Emily, in her always outdoor voice, not-so-quietly said to Cathie, "That sand looks cool. Do you think I can have it?"

The reception was held at the same place inside and outside the lodge. It was a very cool place and a fun reception.
Uploaded - Aug 2, 2008-2Tiff and Nate
They had nice cold keg beer in clear glasses. At one point I looked over at Nate and saw that he had a beer in his hand, complete with a full head of foam. I walked over to ask what he was doing, as he explained that it was sparkling cider for the toast. I dug this picture, because it looks like he was drinking more than sparkling cider and picking up chicks (Tiffany) at the wedding.

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