Friday, August 08, 2008


Only two weeks left until the half marathon. I got up this morning and mapped out a 13.1 mile course on , and did the run in 1 hr 34 minutes, which I thought was a pretty impressive pace of 7:12 minute/mile. I went back to map-my-run and found that I'd turned back on the wrong road, and only ended up doing this route of 11.3 miles, but I did it at a pace of 8:19 minute/mile. It's still an improvement of my time last week in terms of time and distance. I figure I'll try the full run next week prior to the race. I think Kevin and I can do it at an 8:10 minute/mile pace, since we tend to keep each other moving pretty well when we run together, which would give us around a 1 hr 45 minute time.

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