Monday, September 15, 2008

Quealy Wedding

Frank, Erica, Grandma and Grandpa Dunckel by fusionmonkey
On Saturday night we went to Cathie's cousin Frank's wedding. (Small world: my Mom knew Frank's Dad Tim, who passed away last year from a heart attack, back from when my Mom worked at Eddie Bauer). This wedding was a blast. We got to see Cathie's parents who we don't get to see too often, her brother Ed and wife Stacy and Cathie's Grandparents, who are up from Texas.
Stacy, Cathie, Mom Lebbon by fusionmonkeyCathie, Dave and Grandma and Grandpa Dunkel by fusionmonkey
Cathie's grandparents are amazing. They're in their mid-80s and you'd never know it. They've going on 62 years of marriage and it's so cool to watch the two of them together. On a side note, they were going through a set of videos and found a copy of our wedding video (I had accidentally erased the only copy of our wedding video about 16 years ago when we were first married). They were so excited to surprise us with this as an anniversary present. They hung out and watched it with us, and it was so cute to see them sitting together as her grandpa scratched her back.

They've always been like another set of grandparents to me, treating me like one of their own since I started dating Cathie 20 years ago. I love talking to both of them because they've both got such great stories about life. One of Cathie's uncles is a professional comedian, with a good chunk of his act coming from his stories as a kid and of his parents.
Cathie and Jenny by fusionmonkeyCathie and Jenny by fusionmonkey
Cathie's cousin Jenny (Frank's older and much, much shorter sister) was in town from California. Cathie and Jenny grew up together and had a great time hanging around and dancing.
Cathie, Maureen and Jenny by fusionmonkey
The most amusing part of the night was watching Cathie, Maureen and Jenny dance, which got even better when Cathie's grandparents joined them. Susan and Kevin were kind enough to watch the kids, so I picked up the kids around 10 and Cathie kept the party going until the wee hours.

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Jon said...

Seeing Cathie dancing in those pictures and knowing your a Kurt, I'm guessing it was an open bar at the wedding.