Monday, September 01, 2008

First Football Game

Nate's Tackle
Nate and Maddie ahd their first game on Saturday against Hartland. Maddie is part of the cheer/pom squad for Nate's team (#20 above). Maddie's team cheered and did the Pom routine at half-time.
Maddie's Cheer
Nate's team got smoked 33 - 0. Nate played on special teams kick-off, corner and tight-end. Hartland had a couple of big plays that broke to the outside and Nate was complaining about his team's coverage, until he remembered that he was that guy last year missing some of those big plays.
Nate's Tackle
Nate's team spent the fourth quarter between the goal line and the five yard line, going back and forth. Nate had some huge tackles, never letting anyone past him, and Hartland never got across the goal line. Unfortunatley, the Panthers coudn't get the ball past the five yard line in the fourth quarter and their red-zone kicking game isn't quite there yet.

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