Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hazardous Working Environment

I got up about 4am and went for a run this morning. I headed out to run along the edge of the island my hotel was on and over the causeway. I noticed as I ran up the causeway that it was a bit windy, but didn't realize until I turned around to come back that I was running into 30mph+ winds. Fighting the wind was like pulling three kids in a wagon up-hill.

I had early meetings this morning at a customer site. Right outside the entrance to their office is this fountain and pond. While we were waiting to be let in, I noticed the beware of alligator sign, and sure enough, there in the background (just to the left and behind the fountain) you could see the alligator floating around.

Emily would have loved for me to bring this home as a pet for her. She would go crazy with all of the chameleons and lizards that run around here, not to mention all the crabs I had run across the sidewalk as I was out running this morning.

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