Monday, September 15, 2008

Mudbowl 2008

The Maddies by fusionmonkeyMaddie by fusionmonkey
Yesterday was our 12th annual mud bowl. My Campus Life leader Patti invited me to the first one my freshman year in high school and when I started our junior high youth group this was our big kick-off event. Maddie came and brought her friend Maddie. The girls went in with the group of younger kids, who did a nice job of stirring up the mud.

We had cancelled it last week due to weather and the weather ended up being ok. This week we knew that thunderstorms were on their way and we figured we'd go ahead with it anyways. God took care of the weather and it held out until the last minute, at which point the sky's let loose.
Austin, Nate, Trevor and Enno by fusionmonkeyAustin, Nate, Trevor and Enno by fusionmonkey
Nate brought a bunch of buddies and they amused themselves with the porta-John while they waited. Only a group of middle school boys could amuse themselves with a porta-john.
Nate by fusionmonkeyDave and Nate by fusionmonkey
Nate had a blast this year and ended up with mud in ever orifice of his body.
Dave by fusionmonkeyMichael by fusionmonkey
Because of torrential downpour over the past week, the mud was in rare form. We came up with a new event that would never be sanctioned by an insurance company. We piled (or squeeged) the mud into a pile and did flips into it. No one died, so all is well.
Joe by fusionmonkey
I love the fact that the pastor of my church was in the middle of things with us. The fact that Joe used to teach junior high says a lot about him. This picture probably says even more about him, but maybe more in a Jim Jones kinda way.
Kasey, Michael, Dave, Joe, Katie by fusionmonkey
These are the leaders that made it happen. If you look closely, you'll see the rain coming down around us. It was a great day and everything went well.

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