Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rainy Day Football

Maddie Cheering in the RainNate's Football Game
Saturday's football game was wet. Soaking wet. The only people I heard complaining were the parents sitting in the stands. The rain never let up and seemed to keep coming down progressively harder. I sat in the stands under an umbrella trying to take some pictures.

Maddie Cheering in the RainMaddie Cheering in the Rain
Without lightening and thunder, Nate's team played and Maddie's team cheered. The girls had so much energy and such big smiles on their faces, I was impressed that they kept it up.

Nate's Football GameNate's Football Game
It's so cool to see Nate improve week over week. He's getting a lot better at his overall offensive and defensive awareness - knowing how to be at the right place at the right time: not biting on the reversals, knowing how to run to where the ball's going to be instead of where it is. He continues to get better at blocking and tackling and as a receiver. He had a beautiful pass thrown to him in the end zone was tackled about two seconds before the ball could get to him. Nate couldn't get a pass interference penalty called to save his life.
Nate's Football GameNate's Football Game

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