Sunday, October 26, 2008

Flying Pumpkin Guts

We carved the pumpkins tonight that my Dad and Judy brought us. Nate decided that he really wanted nothing to do with the whole slimy process, so Maddie, Em, Cathie and I dug in. Maddie and Em cleaned out the pumpkin seeds and then Cathie scraped the pumpkins clean enough so you could perform surgery on them.
Maddie's Pumpkin Foot
Maddie or Gollum?
Not really sure what Maddie's doing here. We debated for a while whether Maddie looked more like Gollum (from Lord of the Rings) or Darby the House Elf (from Harry Potter) in the picture on the right.
Maddie and EmEmily and her Pumpkin Guts
Things got dirty after a bit as we started playing with the pumpkin guts. Cathie and Maddie started tossing them around and it turned into a full-on pumpkin gut throwing contest.
Maddie and CathieMaddie and Cathie
I'm not sure if anyone really wins in one of these battles - except for me, who took the pictures. This one is worth a thousand words.
Maddie and Cathie

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