Sunday, October 19, 2008

Girl's Night Out..Or Guy's Night Out?

I was in West Palm Beach with a friend last week and after dinner we decided to go out and grab a beer at a nearby bar. As we headed into the bar, the bouncer and I had this conversation:
Bouncer: "Are you here for ladies night or guy's night"?
Me: (Thinking of guy's night when I get together with my buddies to watch the football game or play poker): "Um.. I'm not sure I get the question."
Bouncer: (Thinking I'm an idiot) "Are you here for guy's night or ladies night?"
Me: "Um... Uh... Well, I'm a guy and I like ladies? You tell me."
Bouncer: "Go that way" (pointing to the left)

My friend and I headed the way he pointed and grabbed a beer. As we were talking to the bartender, things cleared up a bit:
Me: "For being ladies night, there aren't a lot of ladies here."
Bartender: "Oh they're here, they're over on the other side of the bar."
Me: "Wait, did I choose the wrong side?"
Bartender: "Maybe. The ladies are all over on the other side of bar dancing with the gay guys."
Me: "Nope. I chose correctly."

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