Friday, October 10, 2008

New Additon to the family

Em and the PuppyEm and the Puppy
We picked up the puppy today from the airport. We took Em out of school to get the puppy with us because of her unbelievable love for animals and excitement about this event. The puppy was shipped from Missouri and got here without a problem. American Airlines had a very cool site that I could track it each step of the way and even notified me when it had arrived at the cargo center, all via my beloved iPhone.

We played on the lawn for a while when we got home. The puppy seems to be adjusting pretty quickly. Running around, licking and cuddling. We haven't heard it bark yet. I'm taking it to the vet today to get it checked out.

We haven't decided on a name yet. The name Silas was already used for our Praying Mantis, otherwise it would be the perfect name for a female dog.


Dan said...

How about Wanda for a name?

Jon said...

I still vote for Kathy, to avoid confusion.