Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Our new Puppy, Lola

We're starting to adjust to having a puppy. We've ever decided on a name. At Brad's advice, we agreed to wait a bit to see the personality of the dog before deciding on a name. We all had ideas and we narrowed it down to a few different names that we all agreed on. The end result was "Lola" as in the showgirl, as in L-O-L-A Lola.
Beth, Reagan and LolaNate and Lola
We're crate training her and it's been tough listening to her cry at night. It's getting better, though, as the week wears on. We're working on house-breaking her. I think Lola's got it all backwards. We take her outside, she walks around for a while and then comes back in and immediately poops inside. She's so darn cute, as I guess all puppies are that it's tough to get too mad at her when she has accidents.

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