Monday, October 13, 2008

Saturday Football

Maddie and Libby
My Dad, Judy, Jon, Beth, Libby and Reagan all came down to see Nate play and Maddie cheer on Saturday. They played Brighton and got crushed again. Nate was playing outside linebacker and tight end. He lined up against a guy who was 140 and about 6'1. Not bad for a sixth grader, let alone a high school senior. Nate is about 74 lbs soaking wet.
Nate's Panthers Game
The kid was huge, and gravity just wasn't working in Nate's favor here. I was so proud to watch him go up against this guy who had him beat with size, but not with heart. Nate kept coming back to this guy and hitting him as hard as he could.
Nate's Panthers GameNate's Panthers Game
Nate had some great plays, including a strip and a fumble recovery.
Nate's Panthers Game
Maddie's team did a great job cheering, doing some of their routine for Sunday's competition.
Maddie's Cheer

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