Thursday, October 23, 2008

What I'm reading

The Life of Discipleship
I'm simultaneously re-reading two of Dallas Willard's books, Renovation of the Heart and Hearing God for the third time and Richard Foster's book Celebration of Discipline for the second time. I switch between these during the time I set aside first thing in the morning to pray, study and read. All three of these books have had a huge impact on me in terms of understanding how I am, how I'm created, how to connect with God and follow Jesus as his disciple.

Vampire novels
I'm almost finished with the fourth book in the twilight series called Breaking Dawn. It's the hottest books among the emo crowd, mostly girls really. It's a good series, very clean really, about teenage vampires and wearwolves.

I just finished Brisingr the third part in the Inheritance series that started with the book Eragon. The second book was a little slow, but third book is fantastic. Other than The Lord of the Rings trilogy, I don't normally read this type of fantasy stuff, but these books are great.

I started a while back reading the book Ender's Game and I've been hooked on this author, Orson Scott Card, ever since. I'm reading Shadow of the Hegemon next which is the 7th or eigth in this extensive series of books. Again, I don't normally read the sci-fi genre, but these have been awesome.

Any good recommendations of what to read next?

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