Thursday, November 06, 2008


Nate started wrestling practice last night. It's his first year and he was a little nervous going into it. He decided that this year instead of playing basketball in the fall he'd wrestle. I wrestled in 7th grade (82lb weight class) on the middle school wrestling team (along with Matt Tomlinson, whose not in this picture).

Nate is one of four kids out of 40 that haven't wrestled before, plus he's one of the smaller guys (73 lbs). I'm so proud of the way Nate is willing to try new stuff like this, even knowing that's it's going to be tough going in the beginning. Wrestling runs a little different than Panthers. It's a team sport where people compete as individuals. Starting in January, they have meets during weekend that they go to. The coaches are there to support them, along with the rest of the team when they're not competing in their own events. Practices are 3 days a week, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday for two hours per night. It's great for Nate because it keeps him busy and active, not to mention what he learns from wrestling.


Dan said...

Have they taught him how to purge before the big meet to make weight yet?

Shailesh said...

Is the on in the middle you? You look like you got your lunch money taken away from you and then some.