Friday, December 26, 2008

Jon's Fall from Glory

There was a time where my brother Jon was considered a ninja in the comment world. He could leave comments that would make your jaw drop with the sheer brilliance and wit. I'm not sure if Facebook has thrown him for a loop or exactly what it is, but unfortunately, my brother has become the Brett Favre of his time. Jon is trying to hold onto glory that just isn't there, and it's a little awkward for all of us. My brother Dan has surpassed Jon in the whole race and Jon is not dealing with this well.

Recently, I left a post about a meeting with a friend of mine. It was something from the heart that I captured more for myself than anything. My brother Jon posed as a wife (he may have even dressed as her while doing this for all I know) and left a comment on the post. The comment was simple and made me grin:
"Is Pedro the mouse in Paco's pocket?"
The comment referred to the fact that I accidentally interchanged the two names in the blog post. My brother Jon proceeded to talk about this for about fifteen minutes yesterday. He explained why it was funny in hopes that we would agree, and then he could say it was actually him. We never gave him that moment.

Since that moment, Jon has started paying a professional comedian to leave comments on Facebook in hopes to bring his status up. This seems to be working. I left a Facebook status today after listening to a great John Ortberg message from Mars Hill. The message was about what it looks like to have your life poured out for others.

My Facebook status: Dave is wondering when I look back at the end, how will my life have been poured out: spilled or poured out for others?
Jon's professional comedian's comment: I bet Cathie's will be spilled. (making reference to the fact that Cathie spills at least once any time she is anywhere).

If you see one of Jon's comments, please let him know that he's funny. It will do his heart good.

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