Saturday, January 10, 2009

Laid Back Saturday

We got a lot of snow today. 10 inches, maybe?
Big Snow by fusionmonkey
Wasn't really too productive of a day. Emily and I went out and shoveled the driveway and then the kids and I went sledding.
Maddie Kurt and Maddie KohneEm on the SlideNate Sledding
I came back and fixed a couple of things around the house (new dimmer switch, light fixture and shimmed my sweet new milk-carton/duct-tape/plywood laundry shelf) and then Em got a hankering to play games.
Em and Dave playing a game by fusionmonkey
She wanted to play every game in the world. We played 5 games of speed, a game of war, a game of go fish, 8 games of sequence and a game of My Pretty Pony Memory game. This is Em's love language and it's a fun bonding thing between us. She's great at games of logic and memory and beats me frequently.

Maddie and RileyNate and Lola
We hung out tonight, made a big thing of popcorn and watched the movie Ratatouille, via NetFlix movies on demand with the new Xbox 360 Netflix interface.


Will said...

Wait! Is there another Dirty Stash contest and nobody told me?!!

Sarah said...

You forgot to add that you spent the better part of the day leaving me messages on my wall in a futile attempt to get me to convert to Picasa.


BoxcatAV said...

It sounds like you had a very productive family day! That's productive, in my book.