Thursday, January 29, 2009


I've been out at Vegas this week for kick off meetings. We stayed at the MGM Grand, which is a great hotel, but huge and requires you to walk a mile inside the hotel to go anywhere. Vegas is pretty dead. The hotel rate was $61/night and there just weren't a lot of people around. The $61 got me a great view on the 27th floor.
I had the wonderful opportunity to dress exactly the same as a couple of co-workers during the event. Ron and I both had on the same shirt and pants here, and on a different day, Kohne and another had the same shirt as me
Mark Kohne and the cast of KaKa Sucked
We went to see the Cirque de Soleil show Ka. The Cirque franchise is normally an amazing show to see. This was a $100 nap for just about all of us. It was huge and visually stunning, and it had potential, but just not much sizzle.

It's been a lot of very late days. Our sessions go until 6 followed by team dinners and more meetings and then getting up early and doing it again. I've been running on 3-4 hours a night all week. It's gonna catch up at some point.

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