Sunday, February 08, 2009

Mall Maddness

Maddie's Shopping Loot
I'm pretty sure that at some point, Jesus said, "Greater love has no Mom than she who goes to a lock in at a mall with a bunch of ten year old girls." For the second year in a row, Cathie and a bunch of Moms took the Girl Scout troop down to lovely Taylor, MI to a mall for an overnight. They left the house about 8pm and got back in around 5AM. The Mom's would mark a spot and hang while the girls were locked in the mall, able to shot all night at the stores.
Hanging at the MallThe Maddie's in a wheelchair
Maddie and her friend Maddie had been planning this for weeks. They were especially bummed when Maddie #2 re-hurt her toe and ended up having to be wheel-chaired around. When I saw Maddie this morning, she took me through her collection of "stuff" that she bought, but there was no cool hat like this one that Maddie Kohne bought for her Mom. Diana makes it look cool.
Diana at Mall Maddness
Cathie and Maddie rose from the dead about 11:30 this morning and we've had a pretty lazy day around the house. My big plans were to go running, update my blog and take down the lights. I accomplished 2/3rds of it.

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