Sunday, February 01, 2009

Winterblast 2009

Jason SpeakingGuitar Hero hack
Our middle school youth group had our junior high retreat this weekend, Friday - Sunday. This is the third year in a row we've done this with Calvary Baptist Church and Heritage Church. Our churches have done stuff with each other for years and as Spring Hill has gotten more and more expensive, doing this together has been a better and better option. We had the prestigious and illustrious Jason Shinn as our speaker, talking on the Holy Spirit, with our theme being "Dare I say... En Fuego?" Calvary's youth worship band did a great job on the music. The picture on the right is one of the guys in the band playing guitar with a hacked Wii-based Guitar Hero Guitar.
nate and Inate, Noah and James
It's a cool thing for me as a Dad to have my son go and watch him have fun, hang out and grow. We had lots of snow, which made it even more fun.
Katie, Rodney, Tiff, Jess, Jason Lunch
We had a group of around 20, with Rodney, Katie, Tiffany, Kasey, Michael and I helping as leaders, with Jess and Jay hanging with us as well.
Under Nate's BedContents of Boy's Room Trash
The guys were loaded up on Red Bull, Amp, Rock Star and Dew. The picture on the left is what I saw under Nate's bed and this was the trash can in their room: energy drinks and beef jerky.
Butler Shinn and TimFez and Kasey
This is a cool picture. Mark, Jason and Tim all went to the same church and now are youth pastors at three different churches. Kasey was in my youth group a long time ago and now is married to our youth pastor.
Giant game of blind volleyball
The facilities weren't bad. Our rooms were around the upper level of this gym, which worked out pretty well.
Sled Building3rd Place Team
One of the coolest activities was the cardboard/duct tape sled building contest. They built their sleds and then raced them. I was amazed at the sleds that the kids made. Forget buying a sled from now on. I'm going to get some duct tape.

Leaders Picture - Winterblast 09Leaders Picture - Winterblast 09
This is our group of leaders (Yep, I count Jay and Jess in there. Once a Crossroads leader, always a Crossroads leader). Amazing. What can I say.


Keith said...

Was this at Camp FaHoLo in Grass Lake? Some of the buildings look familiar from when my daughter went to band camp there...

Dave Kurt said...

The one and only...