Monday, March 23, 2009

Bahama Bob's

Cathie and I by you.
On Saturday night we went to the Ray's for the first official Bahama Bob's party of the year. Over time, Bob has built out this amazing cabana in his back yard, gradually adding a full bar, fire place, space heaters, TVs, couches and everything else you'd only expect to see in the Bahamas.
Cathie, Dana and AnneBob, Eli, Brad and Dave
We hung out in the cabana while Bob had Jimmy Buffett live playing on one set of TVs and the NCAA tournament on another. Apparently Bob's clocks were broken, because he kept asking, "What time is it?" . I tried a bunch of responses, only one of which seemed to be the right one:
  1. Summer Time? - Too High School Musical-ish, I guess.
  2. Hammer Time? - Reminded Bob too much of his MC Hammer flared pants
  3. Tequila Time - The only correct time for a man who is half Mexican and half Syrian.
Brad dispensing his wisdom to EliEli, Brad, Cathie, Bob and DAna
Brad dispensed his wisdom to anyone who would listen. The hand gesture Brad is making in the picture above on the left is normally followed with, "So here's the deal..." Bradly did his best to get in every single picture taken. Eli (or Brad's mini-me as he likes to be called) soon followed suit, as you can see below.
Cathie and Dave with Eli and Brad
Bob was thrilled with the sweet gift that Cathie and I brought him. When I was looking for something in our basement, I was looking on the top of some cabinets in a back room and found a wrapped Christmas present. I thought I'd stumbled across a birthday present from Cathie, only to read the inscription, "From Mom and Dad, To Thad" The package was from the people who'd owned our house about nine years ago. I opened it to find this sweet, giant paisley shirt (my brother Dan owns this shirt and still wears it) and a nice gold tie clip with Buckingham Palace inscribed on the face. Bob was honored, thrilled and delighted all at once.
Dave and Bob with the Gift

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