Thursday, March 12, 2009

I am interesting and well read

I came across this through Technorati as a link to my blog. I guess it's fairly recursive and maybe self-serving to quote someone quoting my blog, but I've always loved a good recursive loop. I thought this was an interesting view (and just so happens to refer to me as interesting and well-read) on something I'd written late last year about my life in the future. I'm not sure how the author Wes is connected to my blog or me. but I think he knew my Mom back in the day (which was a Wednesday, incidentally):

Read this if you think you'll live to be 50-60 years old or if you're that now

If you're between 50 to 60 years old, I would invite your comments and insights in response to a post from Dave Kurt who writes a really interesting and well-read personal blog.

This is a guy who is in his 30s, revels in being a family guy, has a job that requires him to travel a fair amount and who wants to be known as somebody who serves others.

In this post, he writes about what he wants his life looks like when he hits the 50s and 60s and when he's an empty-nester and a grandfather.

He's thought about this and you can see his focus and his vision for where he wants to be at that point in his life. He lists 12-pretty specific goals. I'm impressed and his list seems like an exercise worth emulating by others.

His list includes both silly and serious items, but I'm sure they reflect his personality and his values.

QUESTION: For those who have made to this empty-nester and grandparent phase, did you think through where you wanted to be when you were younger? For those who are younger, have you thought about or are you doing that now?

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