Monday, March 02, 2009

Kurt Birthday Celebration

We went to my Dad and Judy's house in Dewitt to celebrate Kevin, Nate and Judy's Birthdays. We had both sides of the family there, the Kurt/Brown side and the Prelesnik/Kildea side. We all got along beautifully. We were all very careful to not hit Jason in the junk based on recent snippage.
We were all very proud of Dan's brand new hair style, as seen in this picture. Jon was practicing his hand modeling as part of his spokesperson correspondence classes, as he is trying to become one of the suitcase bearers on deal-or-no-deal or a wheel-of-forture letter turner.
Allie continues to amuse me like nothing else. She's got the middle-child-dramatic side of things (as pictured here where Susan is putting her earrings back in) and on the right where she's always up for a little bit of trouble. Her personality is so much fun as she wrestles with her brothers like nothing you've ever seen.
Will and NateKevin the blockhead
Wilbur was there to celebrate and to keep an eye on us from a social work standpoint. He's demonstrating in this picture how not to huge a child. He would not hesitate to call social services on any of us if need be. Kevin walked around with these blocks on his head all day, which seemed odd to me, but no one else.
Will insisted that we take a slew of pictures that would prove that he is more loved than Kevin, who married into the family. My Dad happily obliged and even suggested that we hold hands in some of the pictures. Again, seemed odd to me, but no one else.
I'm not sure which picture is creepier. The picture of Susan and Dan on the left, or this picture of the funeral the kids conducted on the right.

We had a fun day and for the most part, no one got hurt. We had lots of great food, and I think I even got a nap in at some point.

You can see more of the pictures here.

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Why in the world were they playing funeral?!