Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday @ Crossroads (a little late)

I love Easter weekend at my church, Crossroads. We've been going here for around 14 years I think, and have so many friends and memories and relationships here. I've been transferring old pictures and video and it's been cool to see the people change over the course of the years in some of these pictures. I brought my camera on Sunday to get some pictures of people.
Joe and JoanneKasey, Michael and CourtneyBob and Joanne Gielow
We've got this amazing group of friends at our church, people like the niemis, the muzzi/ickes the girards and the workman-harmons (apparently hyphenating your name is cool at our church). It's also cool to see old youth group kids like courtney... Who I hadn't seen in years.
NiemisJustin & Lori Girard and KidsNik and Chuckles
This was our second easter in our new building, and we're starting to figure out how to really use the space. We had a great choir and a full house.
JoeCrossroads EasterCrossroads Easter
I happened to have my camera as I looked over and saw Em standing with Cathie and singing. I love this picture!
Em and Cathie
All in all, Easter is my favorite holiday. I love the time of reflection that leads up to it, the fact that I step back in awe and think of the implications of Jesus dying on the cross and then rising again three days later... I always think of Tony Campolo's message: It's Friday, but Sunday's coming.

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