Thursday, April 30, 2009

Easter with the Kurts

I know I'm a little bit late on this, so bear with me - I wanted to get these pictures online to share. We had a very nice easter that began with easter baskets and and easter egg hunt.
Em's Easter BasketMaddie's Easter BasketEm's Easter Basket
After church, we headed over to my Dad and Judy's house to say hi. The girls had made a drawn some pictures for my Dad (I think they were "Thank you in advance for our easter basket" cards), but my Dad forgot to do Easter Baskets for the kids. (Ackward!)
Dad, Judy, Maddie and EmDad and Judy with Nate, Maddie and Em
It was a beautiful day and we were able to get some nice family pictures outside.
Dave, Cathie, Nate, Maddie, EmDave, Cathie, Nate, Maddie, Em
My Dad entitled the picture below, "A picture with my favorite son"
Dave and Dad
From there we headed over to Cathie's parents to hang out with Mom, Dad, Cath's grandparents, brother and sister. The kids searched for their easter baskets
Grandma Lebbon and MaddieGrandpa & Grandma Lebbon with Nate
Emily loved seeing everyone, but especially justice. Justice is pretty sure he's people (probably has nothing to do with the fact that his "mom and dad" think so too).
Em and JusticeEd and Justice
As I took pictures, Emily continued to jump out in front of the camera (wonder where she got that trait), including this crazy picture below.
Crazy Em
It was great seeing Cathie's grandparents, who are now in town.
Nate and Grandma DunckelCathie, Em and Maddie
It was a great time. Very low key, very nice. We hung out, had a great meal and then sat around talking... I probably even got a nap or two in at some point.
Mom Lebbon, Grandma Dunckel, Cathie and StacyDad and Grandpa Dunckel

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Dan said...

Was Cathie's Mom really a Playboy Bunny? Or is it once a Playboy Bunny, always a Playboy Bunny?