Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Quite the Celebration of Dave's day of birth

What a great Birthday yesterday! I started my day with a million sticky notes that followed me around the house. Cathie knows me so well, and apparently I'm pretty predictable. Starting with in front of the mirror in my bathroom and then in front of the toilet at eye level, all the way through to the coffee cups, coffee, cream, running shoes, cell phone and bible. Each note had something nice to say and made me smile. What a great wife.
Happy Birthday Note
The kids and Cathie got me a slew of nice gifts, including a bunch of great stuff from Trader Joe's and a new universal remote, the Logitech Harmony 880 (my previous Harmony remote had died). The beauty of this remote is that once you get it setup on the web site, configuring any future model is as easy as plugging it into the computer and it will pull down all of it's settings.
Happy Birthday DaveHappy Birthday Dave
Another cool thing on my birthday was the messages I received on facebook. I kid you not, I received over 100 happy birthday notes on facebook from a huge continuum of friends. Each one was the equivalent of getting a birthday card.

This was something that made me smile ear to ear. A friend of ours/junior high youth leader/youth group kid Katie Green left the following on my facebook wall:
Things to love about Dave Kurt:
-He is funnier than me (which is really rare)
-He can come up with a comeback to anything in .02 seconds
-He knows how to make anyone feel unconformable (in a good way!)
-His family is sweet, and he and his wife have done a wonderful job raising the kids.
-His ADD keeps things fun and interesting.
-He knows how to make people feel special.
-He loves God, and shows it through his kindness towards other people.
-He loves his dog Lola SO SO much, and wishes he could hear her bark 24/7.
-He is pretty talented on the BBQ.
-He is 38 years old today, and he STILL lives every week as if it were shark week!

-Katie Green the Dancing Machine.

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