Saturday, May 23, 2009

The 48 year old Sexican

We celebrated Bob's 48th birthday on Friday night in the cabana. Bob is half Mexican, half syrian, making him a full-blooded Sexican. Bob is also a connoisseur of tequila, which he distributes liberally at all of his gatherings. The guys got him (and none of us have paid Brad for) a bottle of tequila and then ordered dinner from Mexican Fiesta to complement the tequila.
The last time we ordered dinner form MF, we let Eli place the order. It ended up being about $200 worth of food and enough to feed a large village. This time we let Brad order the food and he did a little better - there was only enough to feed about 20

After watching the Wings lose in OT, we headed to downtown Northville (chauffered by Mr. Mike Rays - the beauty of having kids that can drive) to find out just how boring of a town Northville really is. We ended up at the Wagon Wheel where we hung around and watched people sing really bad Karoake.

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