Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Be afraid - be very afraid

Crazy Birthday Party Girls
Does this picture strike fear into your heart at the deepest levels? It should. The million and a half girls were enough to keep Nate and I far away from home last Friday. Emily's 8th birthday party involved 11 girls coming over to spend the night.
Happy B-DayEm's Birthday Cake
Maddie and her friend Sam were kind enough to help out with everything. After giving all of the girls make-overs, the girls wanted to give Maddie and Sam makeovers as well. This went well until the girls had Maddie and Sam close their eyes. When Cathie found them, the girls had given them a make-over, but the make-over involved nail polish - on their faces.
Maddie's MakeoverSam's Makeover
The girls had a blast hanging out, watching movies, running around chasing each other and squealing really, really loudly.
Cake and Ice CreamKaraoke
Emily was on cloud nine being the center of attention with all of her friends.
Em's Presents
They each created their own pillow-case with custom artwork and their friend's signatures.
Pillow CasesPillow Cases
The girls were up early (the first @ 6:45am on Saturday morning) and by the time they left at 9:30am, Cathie was ready for a nap. My job during this time was to keep Nate out of the house, so we went to see Wolverine while the girls went nuts.

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