Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Good Form Running 2 Class

Two weeks ago, I mentioned going to the Good Form Running Class - Level 1 at Playmakers in Okemos. Last night I went to the GFR Level 2 course at Jenison field house track on Michigan State's campus. I've been trying to incorporate things from the first class into my running and it's just felt ackward. I was hoping to get a sense for what I'm doing right and wrong and get some more detailed feedback. There were four people in the class and it was taught by the same olympic runner, Grant, who taught the first class.

He started the class by having us run about a mile, and then video taped us on the last lap. We then reviewed the video and he noted the things we needed to work on. He took us through a series of exercises and motions to practice in order to start changing things like our foot strike, stride, lean and muscles we're using to run. It turns out my shins and calves are very active when I run and shouldn't be. We finally put all of these motions together and then ran again. It was kind of like the Karate kid as the patterns started to change and I saw my running changing without thinking about it as much.

He video taped us at the end and then gave us some take aways on what to work on. It was a great class. Where else can you get coached by an olympic runner for $20? The guy is so humble and nice and really encourages you along the way - which is great, because in the beginning you feel kind of dumb not being able to get something as simple as running. The class goes 90 minutes and I'll probably go back again with Kevin or Bill to see how I'm doing with what I've learned.

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