Tuesday, May 05, 2009

May Kurt Gathering

We had a fairly spontaneous Kurt gathering in Dewitt on Sunday. Coincidentally, a bunch of the kids all called each other late last week and basically said, "We haven't gotten together in forever. We should hang out." And hang we did. We drove down to Kevin and Susan's, and, as you can see, Emily and Lola were already out cold.
Emily and Lola
Dave and Allie
Allie was probably the most excited to see her favorite uncle (me), whose name she can't remember. She asked to have this picture taken with me.
Monaca and Will
It was a beautiful, sunny day. In the tradition of Will's religion (and to block the sun) he wore his babushka .
Will and EmilyMonaca and Maddie
It was great seeing Wilaca (who showed up this time). Will had all of the kids gathered around at his feet as he told stories of Quincy, his mother-in-law's cat, who has been in and out of the hospital.
Susan SpilledSusan's Owie
Susan was in rare form. Not only was she the first to spill (no, that's not an outie belly button) and she just had a third breast removed from her back.

Sherry and Beth's Mis-matched outfitsMonaca, Maddie and Cathie
We were all very impressed at how Beth and Sherry coordinated their outfits to make sure that their tops and bottoms were complete opposites. Maddie's stylish glasses made the rounds as well, with Aunt Beth looking especially hip in them.
The Real Birthday KidsDave, Dan and Birthday Kids
We took the opportunity to celebrate the birthdays of Myself, Emily, Allie, Ben and Drew. In true Kurt tradition, everyone jumped in the picture... Ben does not look amused.
Maddie in a Bag
This bag saw a lot of action. Pretty much every kid was stuffed in here at one point.
Jon Rolling
My brother Jon loved to roll (get it Jon, I said "roll"?) He got out and rolled around all over the lawn. This seemed dull after a bit, so we started trying to climb on it while the tractor was rolling to see how long it would take to hurt ourselves (check out the video here for the real action)
Jon, Maddie, Dave Rolling with JonMaddie and Jon Barrel Rolling
Kevin got a kick-ball game with all of the kids going, while the rest of us adults hung out, relaxed and enjoyed frothy, ice cold beverages.
Kevin leading Kick-Ball
Ben got this super cool helmet and gun. Susan shared that on Sunday night Ben said, "I have a prayer request. It's thank you for Jon getting me that storm trooper gun."
Kevin's Giant HeadNate, Ben and Gabe
It's so much fun to see all of the cousins having so much fun together. Everyone genuinely loves hanging out - all of the Uncles and Aunts and Grandparents think the kids are a blast... You really don't have that one person who scowls at the kids or gets annoyed by them hanging out being kids (well, maybe Sherry).

Ben enjoyed hanging with Yola (Lola in Bender) and she kind of enjoyed hanging with him, but he kept a hold of her collar just to be safe.
Ben and Yola/LolaLibby and Maddie
You can see the rest of the pictures here.

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